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Here you can find a selection of sites on the Internet which may be of interest for you. Internet addresses change frequently. I will try the best I can, to keep these links up-to-date. Should you in spite of this come across a link which is wrong, I would appreciate if you would send an e-mail to Have a look at these links and see if there is something that interests you. Keep-on surfing!


Dot Telephone
Dot Transport
Dot Weather and News


The Google search-engine

To Google Region East-Groningen Groninger Links site




Dot Info Bel: Links to international phone and fax directories
Dot KPN Phone directory: Phone directory of Holland
Phone Directories: Links to international phone directories
Dot Phone directory: Phone directory of seven European countries






Dot Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: Flight information
Dot Dutch Traffic Signs: Info about the Dutch Traffic Signs
Dot KLM: Traveling with our national airlines KLM
Dot Andes: Name an address or post-code and you will get a map
Dot NS: The Dutch Railways (NS) information
Dot OVR: Public Transport Information in the Netherlands
Dot The European Railway Server: Info about the European railways






Dot DvhN: Local newspaper in the province Groningen
Dot Newspapers in Holland: Newspapers in the Netherlands
Dot KNMI: Weather and satellite pictures of our country
Dot Meteo Consult: Weather information in the Netherlands
Dot NOS Teletext: Weather-forecast, news, sport, etc., in the Netherlands
Dot Wunderground: International Weather Information Database





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