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On this page is information about spending your leisure time in our village. Naturally the entertainment possibilities in our villages are limited. However, places like Groningen, Winschoten and Delfzijl do have more possibilities and these places all can be reached within 20 minutes.






Entertainment possibilities


Restaurant Gasterij Smits

Owners: Benny and José Smits, Hoofdweg 170, 9681 AL Midwolda,
phone. 0597-551622, e-mail: Gasterij Smits
Bowling lanes, grill- and buffet restaurant and a restaurant a la carte. Private rooms for societies, weddings and parties. Large parking accommodations available.


Gasterij Smits
Restaurant Gasterij Smits Midwolda



Restaurant Hermans Dijkstra

Reinste Abdenaweg 1, 9681 BC Midwolda
Managers: Jan Bremmer and Christianne Linssen, phone.  0597-593738
Restaurant: Thursday till Sunday from 17.30 hour or on appointment.
In de the cathedral like shed of the farm, restaurant Hermans Dijkstra is located. The restaurant has a great ambiance and is located in the anterior of the shed. The restaurant is used, on Sunday afternoon, as a tearoom/museumcafé. There is the opportunity to dine in private in stylish rooms.


Restaurant Hermans Dijkstra

Restaurant Hermans Dijkstra



Billiard-Café Siemens

Owner: W. Siemens, Hoofdweg 230, 9681 AM Midwolda, phone. 0597-551455, fax. 0597-551252.
An exellent accommodation for the billiard player. Here you can have a nice chat while enjoying your drinks.


Billiard-Café Siemens

Billiard-Café Siemens



Pancake house d' Olle Smidse

Willem en Henny Jongejans, Hoofdweg 115, 9681 AC Midwolda, phone. 0597-551546
Open hours:
May - September, Tuesday to Sunday, 12.00 - 20.00 hour;

October - April, Friday 16.00 - 20.00 hour and Saturday to Sunday, 12.00 - 20.00 hour.
An exellent accommodation to eat pancakes and enjoy a drink.


Pancake house d' Olle Smidse
Pancake house d' Olle Smidse







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