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This page is meant to contain some pictures of (people from) Midwolda and its surroundings. These pictures are changed every six months. People from all over the world, including former inhabitants, will be able to get an idea about the looks of present day Midwolda and its surroundings.



Farmhouses in Midwolda



Until April 1st, 2004, the theme on this page is "Farmhouses in Midwolda". As the number of farmers in our country has reduced significantly over the last few years, many farmhouses all over the country have disappeared. There is no area in the Netherlands where the number of beautiful farmhouses is so high as in the Oldambt, including Midwolda. In Midwolda there are some real jewels from the past, although many farmhouses have lost their agricultural use and are put to a different usage nowadays. 


farm Hof van Heeden This is farm "Hof van Heeden". A beautiful "Italian" villa-farm with surrounding ditch. The farm is build in 1870 and is owned by Jan Bos.



This beautiful gentleman-farm, named "The Vicarie from Midwolda", is owned by the singer Imca Marina. Inside and behind the farm apartments, a brasserie, a health and care center, a wedding chapel and a mini-theatre will be constructed.  The Vicarie from Midwolda



Museum-farm Hermans Dijkstra This is museum-farm Hermans Dijkstra. The monumental Oldambt farm dates from the period 1858-1877. The shed comprises an area of 55x26 meters. From the construction of the cellar (floors, ceiling-beams, tiling) can be told that 250 years ago a farm was already build at this place. The farm Hermans Dijkstra is owned by the foundation Hermans Dijkstra.



The "Huninga's Heem", owned by Diet Faber and Jelle Wabnitz, is a beautiful monumental Oldambt farm with astonishing ornaments on the ceilings. The front house dates from 1890 and the shed dates from 1771. In front of the farm there is an English garden and a Pitch&Putt-track. A small restaurant is located in the front rooms. Farm Huninga's Heem



Oldambtster boerderij This splendid Oldambt farm from 1860 can be found at the Huningaweg. The agricultural company 'Arts-van Rulo'  is owner of this farm.



This beautiful gentleman-farm is owned by the Blauwe Stad B.V. Gentleman-farm





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