Leisure time - Midwolderbos


The beautiful Midwolderbos (Midwolda forest) and the lakes are enlighted on this page. Don't forget to go on a stroll around this beautiful area and to enjoy the peace and nature.





At the hoofdweg Nr. 100 opposite the Ennemaborgh, you can find a large parking lot for your car. Standing on the parking lot, looking to the north, you can see a large piece of grassland on which sheep are grazing in summertime. Towards the winter the local ice-club "Eigen Kracht" floods this piece of grassland. If it is cold enough, a beautiful ice-rink emerges where it is wonderful to skate. Deer-park On the same spot there used to be a five acre lake where the children of the Hora family were allowed to swim and sail. At the waterfront, a boathouse was build, where some sailing-boats were kept. Starting from the parking lot and crossing the Hoofdweg you arrive at the Ennemaborgh estate. On the right you can see the Koetshuys, that is currently in use as a restaurant. There used to be many carriages and a stable that could house 10 horses. On the right-hand side of the Koetshuys there is a monumental lime-tree avenue. The beautiful lime-trees are over a hundredfifty years old. On the left you can see a deer-park, which is maintained by the aid of volunteers and donations. Next to the deer-park you can see a work-shed, which will be converted into an information centre by volunteers from Foundation Groninger Landscape (Dutch: Stichting Het Groninger Landschap). The management of the estate, Konik horsesthe "Foundation Groninger Landscape", has tried to restore the gardens to their original state. The estate consists of forest, a wet and swampy area which has no trees, and some nature lakes and a big recreational lake.  On a part of this recreational lake one can go wind surfing and navigate with rowboats. Some piers have also been placed where you can go fishing. The area is grazed by Konik horses, that have been imported from Poland. These horses are descendants of the wild Tarpan horses. The grazing with horses gives a natural management of the forest, which in the end should lead to a kind of primeval forest. In the sandy area and near the nature lakes, observation posts can be found, from which you have a nice overview of the area. Should your walk through the beautiful "Midwolderbos" have given you a dry throat and a hungry stomach, than you can visit the restaurant "Koetshuys" at the end of your tour.





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