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The English Landscape garden in front of museum-farm Hermans Dijkstra at the Reinste Abdenaweg 1 in Midwolda, is a beautiful example of an English landscape garden, dating from 1858. Reconstruction of the garden was started in 2001. Over the coming years, the reconstruction plus some of the original features will reshape the garden into its old splendor, as was meant at the time of construction. Access is free.



The English Landscape garden



Garden 1 Hermans Dijkstra's farm has regained some of the splendor of its original landscape garden.  Since the reconstruction in 2001, many visitors have come to admire the garden in all its glory. This picture of the garden together with the monumental farmhouse was taken from the 'Hoofdweg'.



The garden contains an asymmetric pond. Trees, circular flowerbeds, and bushes have been planted alongside the gravel  paths.  Garden 2



Garden 3 The skeleton of the garden is formed by a system of paths, that has been designed to generate a continual series of surprising views during a stroll round the garden.  



The original garden is thought to date from 1858, when a new 'modern' house was build attached to the farm. There are no remaining plans for the garden, which means that the original architect remains unknown.   Garden 4



Garden 5 When farming, from 1840 to the beginning of the 20th century, became a very prosperous business, this led to great richness among farmers.  Landscape gardeners, like Roodbaard (1782-1851), Zochters, Copijn, Springer and the Vroom family, were the main advocates of the so-called 'landscape style' of gardening.



The garden, belonging to the foundation 'Hermans Dijkstra' is maintained by a group of volunteers. They gather on a weekly basis to work in the garden. This is the only way to keep a labour-intensive garden as this for the future.  Garden 6





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