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Here you can find a selection of sites on the Internet which may be of interest for you. On the website  DTB Midwolda of Jan F. Boven, who was born and grew up in Midwolda, genealogists can find a treasure trove of information about the DTB (Christening-Marriage-Death) Books of Midwolda 1698-1811 plus 1811-1820, the DTB books Oostwold 1700-1811, and all birth data from the entire municipality of Midwolda from 1800 to 1879. Internet addresses change frequently. I will try the best I can, to keep these links up-to-date. Should you in spite of this come across a link which is wrong, I would appreciate if you would send an e-mail to info@midwolda.nl. Have a look at these links and see if there is something that interests you. Keep-on surfing!


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Dot Baas Family Homepage: Genealogic info about the Baas family.
Dot CBG Nederland: Central Genealogy Agency in the Netherlands.
Dot DTB Midwolda: Christening-Marriage-Death-books and GEDCOM files.
Familysearch: World Genealogy Database.
Genealogie Groningen: Genealogy in Groningen.
Dot Genealogie Hulp Rijksarchief: Info in the Public Record Office.
Dot Groninger Archieven: The archives from Groningen.
Groninger Archiefnet: Archives from the Water boards district, etc.
Dot Groninger Genealogie Pagina's: The Groningen Genealogy pages.






Dot Cartography Groningen: Cartography of our province.
Groninger Borgen Stichting: Estates and castles in the province Groningen.
Groninger Encyclopedie: The New Groningen Encyclopaedia.
Dot Groninger VeenkoloniŽn: Foundation 440 year Groninger Peat Colonies.
Dot Historie Groningen: A Brief History of Groningen.
Historie Scheemda: History about the villages in the municipality Scheemda.
SBC: The historic carillon of Rhenen made by the Van Bergen company.





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