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Slowly the number of owners of homepages in our village increases. On this page you will find links to the homepages of (old) inhabitants of our village. Inhabitants or old inhabitants of Midwolda can submit the internet address of their homepages to the DDM. Links to their sites will then be placed on this page, so their homepages can be found more easily.




Midwolder Homepages


BasF1: Site about the Formula 1.

Ben Doedens: Postcards from Midwolda, Oostwold, Scheemda en Nieuwolda.

Bloks Susan: Fun site about witches.
DTB-Books Midwolda: Genalogy website of Jan Frederik Boven.

Oldambt-pigeons: A website about racing pigeons
Van der Goorbergh: Homepage of John Klungers
Marcel en Ria: Personal homepage of Marcel en Ria.


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