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On this page you will find information about the geographical position of Midwolda. Additionally a map of Holland and from the Eems-Dollard region is shown on which the position of Midwolda is clearly marked. Further a satellite photo from the Eems-Dollard region and a interactive map is shown.



Geographical position Midwolda



Air view - MidwoldaIn the Oldambt area in the province of Groningen, about 30 km. east of the city of Groningen the village of Midwolda is located (see maps). The village is situated 7 km. north of Winschoten and 20 km. south of the harbour city Delfzijl. Midwolda has 2300 inhabitants and is part of the municipality Oldambt. Situated near the highway A7, Midwolda has excellent connections to the west part of our country, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. A railway track with connections to Groningen and Nieuweschans, every 30 min. and regular connections to Germany, is situated at 7 km. of our village. The Arriva bus company takes care of regular bus services to the surrounding places. Via the route N362 Midwolda has good connections to Delfzijl and the Eemshaven harbour.



Map of Holland



Map NL



Photo from the Eems-Dollard



Satellite photo


This satellite photo has been kindly provided by the "Nationaal Lucht- en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium" (National Air- and Spacelab) (ESA/NLR). The photo has been taken from an orbit 715 km above the earth.



Map from the Eems-Dollard



Eems-Dollard region



Map of Midwolda



Map Midwolda





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