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The well known artist has her atelier in the Ennemaborgh in Midwolda. Both front rooms and the old cellars of the estate house a permanent exhibition of contemporary paintings. Every corners of the building holds a surprise for the visitor. The visitor is treated to an overwhelming exposition of colour and light. A mixture of present-day art, exotic pieces and antiquities, make a visit to the Ennemaborgh a colourful feast.



The artist Maya Wildevuur



The artist Maya Wildevuur Maya Wildevuur was born on July 24st, 1944, in Deventer (NL). She took her art education at the Academy for Arts (AKI) in Enschede. The artists' life-style is  dynamic and intense. The landscape of Groningen, with its broad skies and open polder landscapes, and her many foreign travels to for instance Tahiti and Gambia, are a large source of inspiration for Maya. A reoccurring theme in her work are flowers, animals, landscapes, and people and their feelings. Her brightly coloured paintings are easily recognizable.



Since 1992, the artist lives and works in the three centuries old estate. She feels at home here, which is clearly visible from her excentric decorations. In her atelier, there are many half-finished paintings and a large variety of paints. Many colourful painting decorate the walls.  The Ennemaborgh



The left room of the estate The left front room is "vibrating pink" with grey-green door frames and other woodwork. The black-and-white tile floor is covered with animals and the chairs are also covered in animals printing. In this room you will find both the artists' own work and art objects from all over the world.  Colour is here the main subject, demonstrated by the brightly coloured paintings, cushions, parasols and lighting.



Maya prefers to work in strong colour accents that reinforce the power of her paintings. Her oeuvre is composed of acryl's on fabric or paper, aquarelles, mixed techniques and silk-screens. Colourful  flowers



The blue room The right front room is the blue room. The colour blue dominates here. Here again many of Maya's own work, exotic shels, sculptures, coloured glass and art from all over the world combined with antiquities.



The work of the artist can be found all over the world. During the nineteen nineties, Maya met the Palestinian leader Arafat. She gave him a painting with the title "Tulips in the Gaza". Landscape



Maya 's decorated coffin Since 1992, one of the cellars underneath the estate harbours a well decorated coffin. In this Maya will be laid to rest. The corners of the coffin are littered with notes that indicate her wishes with regards to her funeral arrangements. 



The artist exhibits her paintings regularily both within and outside the country. In addition to the sales of art, there is a possibility to rent (of borrow) art. Private persons and companies can rent pieces for a certain monthly pay. In addition, Maya also sells antiquities. Paintings and art objects





Galerie Maya Wildevuur
Hoofdweg 100, 9681 AJ Midwolda, phone.+31 597-552950.

Friday till Sunday between 14.00-17.00 hour. Or on appointment.





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