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This page shows some pictures of (people from) Midwolda and its surroundings. These pictures are changed every year. This enables people from all over the world, including former inhabitants, to get an idea about the looks of present day Midwolda and its surroundings.



Living History at Hermans Dijkstra


Until 1 April 2011, the subject of the picture gallery is "Living History at Hermans Dijkstra". 'Living history' has become a well known phrase after the "Open Monuments" days at museum farm Hermans Dijkstra. During these days, volunteers dressed in historical outfits relive days gone by; Gentlemen farmers converse with each other in the posh front rooms and in the kitchens maids are busy preparing vegetables and polishing the copper pumps. Outside, women are busy washing dirty clothes using washboard, tub and wringer. Frequently, a rapeseed-harvest party is held on part of the farm at which maids and farm-hands re-enact the rapeseed harvest using plays and song and dance. 



Living History 1 The farm-hands and children rest for a moment on an old wagon filled with straw.



Here socks are being knitted.  Living History  2



Living History 3 A farmers-wife poses in front of a beautiful carriage.



These well-dressed mother and  daughter pose in front of an old wagon filled with straw.  Living History 2



Living History 5 This maid is seated in a sumptuous room doing some crochet work. 



The laundry is being dried the old-fashioned way using a wringer. Living History 6





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