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In Midwolda there are two camping-sites. Museums and galleries can be found near our village. These are certainly worthwhile visiting. I have limited the information to the municipality of Scheemda. You should certainly visit the Midwolderbos (forest) and the Midwolderplas (lake) once.





Tourist Information logo

Tourist Information Office Oldambt.

Mr. D.U. Stikkerlaan 251

9675 DG Winschoten

Phone. +31 597-700270


Opening hours:

Tuesday till Saterday,  11.00 - 17.00 hours,

Closed on Sunday and Monday.







Museum for History of War 1940-1945
(Dutch: Museum voor Oorlogshistorie 1940-1945)
Inl. Mrs. B. Stek, Hoofdweg 196, 9681 AM Midwolda, phone/fax. +31 597-551007;


Museum for History of War

In this little museum you can find, helmets, uniforms, old newspapers, a jewish star, distribution coupons, books, etc.

Opening hours:
Saturday and Sunday, 10.00- 17.00 hours, or on appointment.
Access: is free.


Foundation Hermans Dijkstra
Info: B. ten Broeke, Stationsstraat 79, 9679 EC Scheemda, tel. +31 597-591687
Click here for more information.



Pram Museum (Dutch: Kinderwagen Museum)
Hoofdweg West 25, 9944 EA Nieuwolda, phone/Fax. +31 596-541941


Baby-carriage Museum

In this museum, situated in a beautiful Oldambt farm, the history of de child and maternity care is shown. This is done by exhibition of a large collection of 350 prams, cradles, doll-prams and doll's cradles. These are dated from 1840-1970. This is likely to be the only museum in the world that focusses especially on prams.


Opening hours:
On appointment.
Doll in cradle


Museum-Pumping engine De Hoogte (Dutch: stoomgemaal)
De Streep 19, 9944 BP Nieuwolda


Museum-pumping engine "de Hoogte"

This is a renovated polder pumping engine, with a Brons diesel engine from 1935. In this building exchanging exhibition are organised. Pumping engine de Hoogte was build in 1892, by architect P.G. Cremer and building contractor J. van Zuilen from Nieuwolda. At that time it was equipped with a steam-engine, that costed 6989 dutch guilders. The capacity of the steam-pumping engine was 58 m3 per minute.


Pumping engine with a Brons diesel engine Opening hours: May till September (with the exception of holidays), every Sunday, from 13.00-16.00 hours.

Info: Mrs. M. Lindenbergh phone. +31 0596-542811.
Groups: deviating opening hours can be arranged with Mrs. Lindenbergh,

Access: is free.
The Volharding:
The museum also owns a ship, the Volharding.  After making an appointment a round trip on the Termunterzijldiep can be made on the Volharding.
Mrs. Zaaijer, phone +31 596-541121

Architect P.G. Cremer
Architect P.G. Cremer



Bell-casting Museum Heiligerlee and Museum "The Battle of Heiligerlee"
(Dutch: Klokkengieterij Museum Heiligerlee and Museum "De Slag bij Heiligerlee")
Provincialeweg 55, 9677 PB Heiligerlee, phone. +31 597-418199.

Website: en

E-mail: en


Bell-casting museum

The Bell Casting Museum is situated in the former bell foundry of the family Van Bergen. Since 1795, more than  ten thousand bells were casted here, that were spread around the whole world. This museum gives an extensive impression of the history and the process of bell founding. In the garden you can see a carillon and listen to the sound of the bells.


Museum "The Battle of Heiligerlee" Opening hours:
1st of April until 1st of May, Tuesday till Sunday; 13.00-17.00 hours;
1st of May until 1st of Oktober, Tuesday till Saturday, 10.00-17.00 hours, Sunday 13.00-17.00 hours;
1st of Oktober until 1 of November, Tuesday till Sunday, 13.00-17.00 hours, closed on Saturday;
Groups: from 1st of April till 1st of November on appointment;
Carillon at Heiligerlee


Statue Count Adolf (Dutch: Standbeeld Graaf Adolf)
Provincialeweg, Heiligerlee.

Statue of "Count Adolf"

This statue was placed in memory of the Battle of Heiligerlee (Dutch: Slag bij Heiligerlee) on May 23th, 1568. During this battle, count Adolf van Nassau was killed. This event proved to be the beginning of the Eighty Years War. On May 23rd 1873, King Wilhelm III officially revealed the statue in Heiligerlee.



Gallery Atelier Beeldkracht
Torenstraat 6-8, 9679 BP Scheemda, phone. +31 597-591068






The international Dollard Route with a length of 180 km runs through Midwolda. This route take you along the most beautiful places in the Eems-Dollard region and the german Rheiderland. You see the vast polderlandscape in which people have fought for centuries against the water. The region is known for its fresh beauty and pure nature. The relaxing peace on the open spaces outside the villages will have a large impact on you. Outside the ferry boat's season you can ride an alternative route of about 60 km.. The route is clearly indicated with signs. You can start your biking-tour in different places. Some beautiful information leaflets containing a route description can be obtained from the undermentioned information office's.


Information Office Dollard Route:


Dollard Route

Tourist Information Office Oldambt
Israelplein 6
9671 EN Winschoten
Phone. +31 597-412255

Internationale Dollardroute EV
Ledastr. 10
D-26789 Leer
Phone. +49 191969650





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