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The Second World War has left deep scars for many people and poses a memory of fear, betrayal, razzia's, concentration and work camps, hunger, violence, suppression and the loss of loved ones. The present and future generations are getting further and further removed from all that has happened in the period between 1940 and 1945. For that reason it remains necessary to keep reminding of that black period of our history. Hopefully this will lead to a better understanding of where suppression of certain groups in society may lead to. To Mr. Stek from Midwolda this has been the reason to start the museum for the History of War 1940-1945. 




Head Museum voor Oorlogshistorie



The museum for the History of War 1940-1945 is located in the center of Midwolda. The museum and collection are owned by Mr. M. Stek. The museum provides the visitor with a picture from life starting with the mobilization of the armed forces in 1939 until the liberation in 1945. You will find object from everyday life and many less expected objects that were used by both civilians and military personel. Although the museum is quite small, it is definitely worthwhile to pay a visit. 
Information: Museum for the History of War 1940-1945
Proprietor: Mrs. B. Stek, Hoofdweg 196, 9681 AM Midwolda. Phone/fax. +31 (0)597-551007,
E-mail: Museum for the History of War 1940 - 1945.
Opening hours: Saturdays and sundays, from 10.00-17.00 hour, or on appointment.
Access: Free. A donation will be appreciated.
Route: Exit 45 of the motorway A7 Groningen - Nieuweschans.



Museum for the History of War 1940-1945 This is the shed which is presently in use as the museum for the History of War 1940-1945. In the museum, the period is shown by figures in original clothing, books, newspapers, helmets, everyday objects and personel documents.



A poster with the text "Black Market is Robbery."
Black Market is Robbery.



A stengun and a receiver. A stengun and a receiver Ws 109.



Various distribution tickets are on display in the museum. The tickets were required to purchase everyday items like food and clothing. Adjacent air-defenses property is on display. Air-defenses property.



Air-defenses Station. A sign saying: "Air-defenses Station."



In addition gasmasks, ammunitionstorage boxes, ammunitions, shells, weapons and a range of other military objects are on display. Also, one can have a look a newspapers and various books of the period. In addition there are many personel documents. Adjacent a poster "Youth storm". This poster was on display at the railway station of Scheemda. Poster "Youth storm."



A primitive radio dating from the war. This is a primitive radio dating from the war. The apparatus was made by Mr. D. Blauw from Midwolda. With this kind of equipment, people were secretly listening to the broadcasts of the BBC.



This corner of the warmuseum is dedicated to the liberation period. Liberation period.





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